Biden vs. Trump – Who will run “Mr. President”?

Trump vs. Biden -
Who will run "Mr. President"?

The US election campaign is in full swing, with the presidential election taking place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The two largest parties in the United States have already announced their candidates in the fight for the presidency some time ago, and both candidates already have experience in the White House! Who are the candidates and who has a realistic chance of winning the office?

Who are the candidates for president?

Donald John Trump


Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden


Political sentiment

Republican – His policies include populism, protectionism, liberalism, and isolation.

Democratic– His policies are characterized by a more moderate attitude.

political experience

Four years in office as U.S. president – Trump was the first president at his inauguration without a political or military rank.

Eight years as vice president – Biden began his political career as a senator for Delaware in 1973. He held this position until 2009. He also ran for president in 1988 and 2008, but quickly withdrew his candidacy. He served as vice president under Barack Obama from 2008 to 2017.

Motto for the upcoming election

Keep America great – In the election for his second term, the incumbent US president is following the motto of his first election. After “Make America great Again,” he celebrates his triumph and wants America to remain as great for the coming term as he has shaped over the past four years.

Unite for a Better America – Biden has positioned his campaign from the start as a counter-proposal to the incumbent president. He accuses him of having divided the country and the population. He therefore promises a return to normality, reliability of calm governance, decency, and American values.

Vice presidentship

Mike Pence – As before, Donald Trump is holding on to conservative Republican Mike Pence. Like Trump, Pence believes that man-made climate change does not exist.

Kamala Devi Harris – Moderate U.S. Senator Kamala Harris served as California’s attorney general for several years before she served in the U.S. Senate on environmental protection, budget, homeland security, and intelligence.

Republican Trump's campaign promises

During the Republican convention, Donald Trump presented a list of “core priorities” that essentially address economic policy goals, the fight against the Corona pandemic, and other measures against China. He also wants to better equip U.S. police, withdraw American troops from U.S. foreign countries, or encourage countries to increase defense spending. Trump also plans to make the US a frontrunner – for example, in the establishment of the new 5G mobile phone standard. He also wants to establish a permanent human presence on the moon and launch the first manned mission to Mars.


  • Create 10 million new jobs in ten months
  • Create one million new small businesses
  • Cut taxes to secure jobs
  • Lower taxes on “Made in USA” products

Fighting the Corona Pandemic

  • develop a vaccine by the end of 2020
  • Return to normality in 2021

Ending dependence on China

  • Move one million industrial jobs back to the American states
  • Tax savings for companies moving jobs back to the US from China
  • No contracts with companies that move their production to China
  • China continues to be solely responsible for the spread of coronavirus

More trump campaign promises can be found here (external link).

Democrat Biden's campaign promises

Biden wants to repeal and improve Obamacare. He plans to supplement private health insurance with state insurance. While the move has been criticized by Democrats for not going far enough with the sole option of state insurance, Biden is sticking to his plan.

After the United States pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, carbon emissions have continued to fall, but Joe Biden wants to return to the Paris climate agreement if he is president, and also to invest USD 1.5 trillion to make the country climate neutral by 2050.

Joe Biden criticizes “everyday racism” and police violence in the United States. He says he wants to fight racism and wants to reform the police.

»No sitting president has ever done this. Never, never, never. No Republican president has done this. No Democratic president. We’ve had racists, and they’ve existed. They’ve tried to get elected president. He’s the first one that has.«

»Kein amtierender Präsident hat dies jemals getan. Niemals, niemals, niemals. Kein republikanischer Präsident, kein demokratischer Präsident. Es gab schon immer Rassisten, die versucht haben, zum Präsidenten gewählt zu werden. Er ist der erste, der es geschafft hat.«

Joe Biden

Demokratischer Präsidentschaftskandidat

Even during his time as vice president, Joe Biden has championed equality. By decree, Donald Trump overturned a similar law, allowing doctors to refuse to treat trans people. If elected, Biden promises to pass an equal treatment law to strengthen the rights of gay and transgender people.

For more program items on Biden’s campaign, visit his campaign page (external link).

Trump vs. Biden - First TV debate

The first televised debate between Trump and Biden was probably completely different than expected. It was marked by mutual accusations and accusations. Trump kept his rival in the word, and moderator Chris Wallace also had his troubles to prevail against Trump. Biden called Trump a “liar” and a “clown” and asked him to “keep t[zu]he flap.”

The first was the controversial reshuffle of the Supreme Court. But Trump quickly shifted the conversation to the Corona pandemic. Biden accused the incumbent president of being responsible for the deaths of more than 200,000 Americans, countering Trump and claiming that under Biden’s leadership it would have been two million – without substantiating that statement. When the moderator tried to steer the conversation back to the original topic, Trump attacked him: “I feel like I’m debating with you, not with him.”

Later, Trump dodged questions – such as his tax declaration – and turned the issue around to attack Biden. He even refused to publicly distance himself from racist whites and paramilitary groups, claiming instead that the danger of left-wing is much greater.

The president-in-office has also received criticism from within his own ranks. Some Republicans rebuked him for the elongated opportunity to speak out against right-wing extremism. Donald Trump, meanwhile, called on the violent, far-right group “Proud Boys” to “stand ready.”

Although Donald Trump declared himself the winner after the televised duel, there is no official winner of the debate, which was too much of a accusation and therefore had little depth in content. It is also unclear whether there will be another TV debate. The recently announced Covid infection of President Trump and other members of the administration is having an impact on the campaign. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has left open whether there will be another TV duel. Only if the president has proven that he has recovered and the relevant regulations are enclosed, Biden would be ready for another TV duel. The next debate was scheduled for 15 October.

Who runs for President?

electoral votes Donald Trump holds right now
electoral votes Joe Biden holds right now

source:, date: 07. Oktober 2020

Among the electors Republicans That Republicans can currently win over Trump, 88 are considered relatively solid because he leads in those states with a clear majority, while 38 voters vote for him only because of a narrow lead. Biden already has 188 electors relatively safe. To win the presidential election, 270 electors must vote for a candidate on the cut-off date. So, according to the latest polls, Joe Biden would be elected the next president on November 3, 2020, even if all the remaining electors were to be donald Trump.

But: The American majority voting system is always to be had for surprises. In the past five years, the so-called Popular Vote (i.e. the number of direct votes) has voted for a different candidate than the electorate did in the end – a problem of majority voting, in which large states are sometimes over-represented. So it remains exciting until the very end – including whether Donald Trump would vacate the Oval Office if he loses the election.


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