About me

How dare I writing here?

it’s nice that you’re interested in who writes here and why.

My name is Kevin Ruser, I am a teacher and writing blogger.

Actually, I studied teaching to teach people something and help them, similar tasks I set myself in my job. In reality, it is not enough for me to reach people only at school and to answer questions only when they are asked.

I have been blogging for several years now, have already published paid contributions for companies and have been present at events such as the German Reading Prize of the Reading Foundation.

Long things short: This is me.

Kevin, born 18. He studied geography and German at the School of Grammar School in Kiel, Germany. Abitur 2014. Blossoming fantasy, sings – formerly as a soloist in the school choir, now in an ensemble – plays the piano. Cooks passionately and travels to discover the world.

What's the point of this blog?

for me...

Lots of fun, new information and the opportunity to deal with many different topics, to discover the world, to understand it and to help other people do the same.

for you...

Jede Menge Spaß, neue Informationen und die Möglichkeit, Dich mit vielen verschiedenen Themen auseinanderzusetzen, meine Welt zu entdecken und die Welt dort draußen zu verstehen.

What will you find here?

Self-written stories, blog posts on news, politics and society, travel reports and film reviews. Contributions to love, sex and friendship, body and health, media and language. Informative blog posts about the world, the environment and our planet. Cooperations and maybe your desired contribution!

I have been blogging since the 17th. August 2013 on my own blog and have written short stories before. I enjoy writing and I like to inform myself, plan and research posts and create something of my own: my blog.

»I like the diversity and topicality of the contributions! I love the quiz posts, the challenges, the posts about myths and facts and of course about language – I always like to read them! I have often learned something while reading the articles! And that’s what makes the blog special for me! Of the latest posts, I always learn from my “favourite blog list”, in which Kevin has been in it for at least two years.«


Bloggerin at simplyjaimee.de

»Every person has dreams and goals that he clings to and that give meaning to his life. Kevin dreams of running this blog and he does it great.«

Daniel D.

DJ Bassraper

»I have known this young man and blogger here for a long time; I think it’s great that he has made the way from the “old blogger heart” (the first, also successful, start was a few years ago, but then the time was missing) into the new blogger heart and now presents itself here as well. It’s nice that you’re there, Kev!«

Christian G.

Blogger at Bloggerherz.de

»Your stories have captivated me so much that I am on an eighth and ninth, tenth and eleventh, maybe even the 122. don’t want to give up history any more. I’ll give you all the thumbs I have and I’d like to congratulate you again on your good writing style.«

Johanna U.

»I like the blog being informative and interesting, but above all also very varied. It not only focuses on a single topic area, but also deals with film reviews to travel tips and much more.«

Alessandro G.


Kevin shows a very different, open page on his blog. His stories have touched me incredibly and I have incredible respect for his courage and strength.

I envy him for his creativity, which produces a different, varied contribution every week.«

Michael R.

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